Domaine Brand

Alsace, France

Domaine Brand

Philippe partnered his father in 2006, injecting a new impetus into their company, which they renamed Domaine Brand & Fils. In 2015, a new direction was taken: as Philippe wanted to go further in their journey, he obtained Biodynamic Agriculture certification from the organization Demeter. He also took the opportunity to extend the range of Natural Wines.

Domaine Brand is situated in the heart of “La Couronne d’or” (Strasbourg’s vineyard), in a village named Ergersheim. It is a familial estate since the 1950’s, founded by Philippe’s grandfather.

They have farmed organically since 2001 and the harvest 2015 will be certified Demeter. The vineyard is spread on 10 hectares with a low yielding, split on three neighborhood commons, Ergersheim, Ostoffen and Wolhxeim, all farmed entirely organic.

Philippe took over the domain in 2008, and brought a new life to the vinification practices from his experiences in Burgundy at Domaine de Montchovet, in Greece on Peloponnese Island, and in Australia in the Barossa Valley. Philippe decided to push further the organic farming to the Biodynamic, and straight away made a few wines without the addition of sulfur.

Since the vintage 2013 Philippe decided to launch a Natural range of Wine called “Apollinaire”, who is actually the emblem of the domain. All the labels of this range are made with Apollinaire Caligram. All this cuvée are made without entrant, the total average of So2 for this range is 20mg/l, and 50mg/l for the Cuvée Apollinaire.

Philippe Brand

Philippe took over the domain in 2008. He decided to push their organic farming further to Biodynamic and even began making a few wines without the addition of sulfur.